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Our Mission
Our Mission

     Claws & Paws is an Animal Rescue Mission in Marion County, Georgia. We rescue animals and when possible care for them until we can find an adoptive home for them.
     We also place great importance on spaying and neutering of animals. For more information about Spaying or Neutering click here.

Claws and Paws Animal Rescue of Marion County was formed and incorporated on December 20th, 2006 and is a nonprofit organization (501 c-3 nonprofit status). We have worked with Marion County commissioners to adopt an animal control code as one did not exist for our county. On February 14th, 2006, the commissioners adopted a Marion County animal control Ordinance. Claws and Paws Inc. appeared before the commissioners and recommended that an animal control officer be appointed. This recommendation was approved and one voted on with one stipulation; no compensation. In the past, a few citizens of Marion County have been primarily responsible for animal rescue. Taking the financial responsibility of taking care of the rescued animal needs until they could find a good home. We have incorporated these volunteers into our foster home care. We do not have paid staff and most of our volunteers work full time jobs in addition to their "jobs" with Claws and Paws. We do not receive any money from government sources and rely solely on donations and fundraisers to house and care for our homeless pets.

Paws and Claws has adopted a no kill policy. We do not euthanize animals as a means of population control. Instead, we focus on spay/neuter efforts to reduce the pet overpopulation. This rescure unit has moved rapidly. At the time of this writing, we have (30) animals with (15) of them being puppies. When we receive an animal, it is bathed, deflead, tested for heartworm, and given its age appropriate shots. The aninmal is also spayed or neutered. We have had one bake sale and one Trash and Treasure sale for our spay/neuter needs. Petsmart, an american animal vet clinic has donated some food. All other expenses have been paid for out of pocket by the volunteers. We are presently trying to organize a FREE spay and neuter clinic. This will include dogs and cats totaling 100 animals for low income families of Marion County. The University of Auburn has not confirmed the date. We have requested the month of November. We will have two more fundraisers before the years end. One Trash and Treasure / Bake sale in October, and one in December for (Give and Gift of Love). Planned revenue by year end: $2,500.00 grant, $800.00 on Trash and Treasure and $500.00 on Give and Gift of Love.

Claws and Paws future goal is to organize a Tri County Humane Society for Marion, Schley and Stewart counties. All three of these counties are small but if they could be organized together, it would be a blessing for this area. It seems as though people feel just becasue you live in the county this would be a good place to put dog and cats out at dumpsters alongside the road, and sure enough the good hearted ole' country fellow will take the animal home and the vicious cycle continues with more puppies and kittens, because he/she feels they are doing good by just feeding the animal. We have contaced the Marion County High School and requested that they provide volunteers through their community volunteer program which is offered to the students. A seal is attached to the graduates certificate their graduating year. At the end of 2006, we want to be able to visit elementary, middle and high schools in this area to provide the students with educational information about the care and welfare of dogs and cats. It is or desire to have one of our dogs so well trained that the students will be able to have hands on with this animal. We have rescued a black and white young Border Collie which would be great for this type of training. Our ultimate goal is to have no homeless dogs or cats in this county. With time and proper education in our schools and community on spay and neutering, our citizens can learn how to better care for animals, preventing an influx of unwanted animals.

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